Life Update

HOW in the heck has it been SEVEN weeks since I updated this little corner of mine??  Usually, when I have an extended absence like that, it means I have reverted to some bad habits.  I am so happy to report that quite the opposite is true this time.  I have been chugging right along with my healthy habits, building my coaching business and visiting California! I even had an amazing A-Ha! moment today.

On Fridays, I normally get off early-is, treat myself to lunch and waste my day. Today, I’m hanging around in town because I’m meeting some girlfriends for happy hour (even though I don’t drink!).  Yesterday, I was planning my food for the day and decided Chick-Fil-A was what I wanted.  I haven’t had that in MONTHS and I thought it would be a good idea.  Their fries and sauce are the bomb, amiright? Anyway, I got it all plugged last night and it was settled.

Well, as I was working today and anticipating the clock striking 11 so I could hit the door, I began thinking about lunch.  What I found extremely odd was the the lunch I had planned didn’t sound appetizing at all! Not even close.  I sounded greasy and heavy and like I would feel like poo after I ate it.  That, my friends, is the greatest non-scale victory of all.  Not that my pants are so loose that I can pull them down without unzipping/unbuttoning them, not the fact that I can SEE my arms shrinking (although that makes me pretty freakin happy!) but the fact that I don’t WANT to eat unhealthy thinks and I realize this BEFORE I make the mistake of eating them. So awesome I tell ya!

So, I have never been to First Watch, so I looked their menu up online and it looked good.  REALLY good.  The macros were decent, the ingredients are fresh and the service was very pleasant! I enjoyed the Everything Smoked Salmon Benedict.  JUST what I needed to take me back to Cali!

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Everything Smoked Salmon Benedict

I haven’t taken any measurements in a while but I plan to at the end of this month.  July is the first month I joined the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® (coach link) VIP group and I am loving it.  It is a challenge to complete the workouts but Man! When I am able to complete them and feel improvement, that is going to be a GOOD day!

I am happy to have caught you up with this short life update.  Please let me know in the comments: do you PREFER to eat healthy or do you just do it because you HAVE to? Also, have you ever eaten at First Watch?