Plans Being Made!

Happy Tuesday! I hope your week is going as well as mine is!

First and foremost, I am TRYING to be better about updating this little ol’ space of mine! You’re welcome!

Just a few updates.  I have been… not necessarily off the wagon, but not as tight with my macros as I should be.  If I go over, no big.  Well, today is day 2 tightening them back up.  I LOVE the fact that with The Faster Way to Fat Loss®, it really isn’t “work”.  It is just a matter of diligence and tracking.  I have halfway tracked but again, wasn’t diligent with it. Monday and Tuesday are always low carb days and they are my favorite! It is easy for me to hit my macros on these days!

Along with being better with my nutrition, is realizing I have my FIRST EVER runDisney event ELEVEN weeks from Saturday.  That is not a lot in runner weeks. (does it count as a run if I actually walk really fast?) Anyway, my plan yesterday was to do speed work to start moving from walking to running but the tempo app I found that gave me the tempo for a 14 minute mile (my plan was to do this to see how far I could go at this pace) but that tempo ended up putting me at a 20 min mile, which is what I was already doing. So, plan B is to do the Couch to 5K program. I was going to begin that today but… poor planning, I worked too late, had to eat dinner so I could close my feeding window (I can’t exercise with food in mah belly!) so I will complete day 1 tomorrow.


Also, I am registered for my FIRST EVER HALF! I have signed up through Girls On The Run to raise money for them. I am so excited to raise as much money as I can so if you feel so inclined to donate, please do!

Have you run any races for a fundraiser before? Do you have any fundraising tips?

Life Update

HOW in the heck has it been SEVEN weeks since I updated this little corner of mine??  Usually, when I have an extended absence like that, it means I have reverted to some bad habits.  I am so happy to report that quite the opposite is true this time.  I have been chugging right along with my healthy habits, building my coaching business and visiting California! I even had an amazing A-Ha! moment today.

On Fridays, I normally get off early-is, treat myself to lunch and waste my day. Today, I’m hanging around in town because I’m meeting some girlfriends for happy hour (even though I don’t drink!).  Yesterday, I was planning my food for the day and decided Chick-Fil-A was what I wanted.  I haven’t had that in MONTHS and I thought it would be a good idea.  Their fries and sauce are the bomb, amiright? Anyway, I got it all plugged last night and it was settled.

Well, as I was working today and anticipating the clock striking 11 so I could hit the door, I began thinking about lunch.  What I found extremely odd was the the lunch I had planned didn’t sound appetizing at all! Not even close.  I sounded greasy and heavy and like I would feel like poo after I ate it.  That, my friends, is the greatest non-scale victory of all.  Not that my pants are so loose that I can pull them down without unzipping/unbuttoning them, not the fact that I can SEE my arms shrinking (although that makes me pretty freakin happy!) but the fact that I don’t WANT to eat unhealthy thinks and I realize this BEFORE I make the mistake of eating them. So awesome I tell ya!

So, I have never been to First Watch, so I looked their menu up online and it looked good.  REALLY good.  The macros were decent, the ingredients are fresh and the service was very pleasant! I enjoyed the Everything Smoked Salmon Benedict.  JUST what I needed to take me back to Cali!

FASTer Way to Fat Loss, goals, non-scale victory, First Watch, eggs Benedict, smoked salmon, mixed greens

Everything Smoked Salmon Benedict

I haven’t taken any measurements in a while but I plan to at the end of this month.  July is the first month I joined the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® (coach link) VIP group and I am loving it.  It is a challenge to complete the workouts but Man! When I am able to complete them and feel improvement, that is going to be a GOOD day!

I am happy to have caught you up with this short life update.  Please let me know in the comments: do you PREFER to eat healthy or do you just do it because you HAVE to? Also, have you ever eaten at First Watch?

It’s A New Day!

Well.  I haven’t been in this space since July! You noticed, huh? So did I!

I have NOT been in a good head space since… ever? No, really since my stomach surgery in January (before that really!) I believe.

You would think after going through all of that, it would have made me super crazy about taking care of my new stomach, right? Well, no.  It did just the opposite.  For reasons I can’t explain, I have gone hog wild.  Hog being the operative word here. For real. I have eaten anything and everything.  Not hungry? It doesn’t matter! It won’t “hurt” your stomach now cause you can eat anything!

Well guess what? It HAS been hurting my stomach. And my arteries, and my blood pressure… you get the picture. Nothing about the way I’ve been acting has been healthy. I had a wake up call by way of a close family member’s medical emergency.  I am taking heed to that warning.  It could be any of us at any moment!

I had already been thinking about getting my act together but that single phone call pushed me straight over the edge!

I have done great this week.  I have started drinking Shakeology again.  That stuff is the BOMB! I feel amazing when I start my day with it. I am weening myself off of carbs. It is a lot harder since they don’t affect me they way they did pre-surgery, however, they still are not good for me and I feel 1 million percent better when I eat way less of them.

I have also started writing down in my day planner what I’m eating AND drinking daily.  It is amazing the awareness that simple act brings to you. Interestingly enough, my water consumption has skyrocketed since beginning to track my intake.

We are gearing up for the holidays and the way I was beginning to feel, it was going to be nothing but silent misery for me. I am so glad I am taking charge again.

I plan to check in here at least a couple of times per week for accountability.

Will you be my partner? We can just check in with each other on how we are doing. What struggles we are having, what we need help with.  Comment below. Lets do this!

We have some fun times, but they will be so much better in the coming months as we better our bodies! I can’t wait!!