Well.  Its been a while, yes? Seems to be the theme in my space.  I’m working on changing that.  In all aspects of my life.  I seem to have tons of great ideas and zero follow through.  Some of the reasons for this are legit and way more important than anything I could have planned, others are just excuses.  I’m trying to learn to differentiate. In this post, I’m going to talk about some plans and goals that we have and how I aim to make them successful.

I’m just going to touch on each thing and then later in the week, I’ll have a blog post going deeper into each item.

First is our budget.  We are following Dave Ramsey ‘s baby steps.  We have paid off 4 debts and are very excited!


I’m also working on fitness and nutrition. I am a certified FASTer Way to Fat Loss® coach. I have NOT been following the plan like I should have.  I have gained nearly all of my weight (inches!) back. I am BACK though.  So watch out! If you want to join me, check it out here.

We have also been minimizing.  I have sold or donated so much stuff! Clothes, kitchen stuff, just randomness sitting around the house collecting dust, GONE!

I am excited about our future, in all aspects and I hope you stick around to see what is happening!

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