Revisiting Goals

Happy Labor Day y’all!

I have taken it easy today. I have gotten a few things done around the house, laundry mostly, picked up a couple of things that lingered on my grocery list and done some budget check-up and goal setting.

Let’s revisit August Goals:


I was able to get all of my files purged and all of our photos scanned and purged.  We went from a giant plastic bin to 2 plastic shoe boxes.  I scanned them and gave them to my mom so she can go through and keep what she wants. Purging photos was going to be a September goal so SCORE! Our other win for the month was no spend days. We ended up with 26 or them.  (I consider no spend days anything that is within the budget and/or planned).

Non-wins for the month were workouts.  They just didn’t happen. That can NOT continue to happen.  I have a Disney race in EIGHT weeks and I plan to complete it in a MASSIVE PR.  Our other non win for the month was putting 1500 into savings (to replace money I shouldn’t have spent! 😏). That WOULD have been a far success at 1900 if not for over 1300 in car repairs. So while we didn’t hit our goal, we are still extremely pleased to not worry about money for car repairs thanks to the emergency fund and the extra that was planned for savings.

Now, last night, we went to a concert.  The tickets were bought while on a break from the baby steps.  Not an intentional break, just a break that happens because… you just stop with no good reason whatsoever! Anyone know what I’m talking about? The kind that when you look back, you wished someone would just turn you over their knee and give you a spanking because look where you would be if you HADN’T taken that break?  But YOUR are the adult who would do the spanking so there is nothing to do but get back on the horse and back on the trail that has overgrown and now you’ve got scrapes on your legs because of the overgrowth? Yeah, that kind of break.

In the days leading up to the concert, I was seriously nauseated that I had to go since that $200 could have gone to debt and the money we needed to budget for the concert itself could have also gone to debt. But I went and had a really good time and it was really a once in a lifetime experience so, No Regerts, right? (Yes, I intentionally spelled that incorrectly.  Punny, right?)


We saw Lynyrd Skynyrd in their last hometown show ever (they are local boys and my dad went to school with [and personally knew] Gary Rossington and Billy Powell and my mom went to school with one of the Van Zant sisters so, full circle)! We also got to see Charlie Daniels Band.  Charlie is 81 so how many more chances will a person get to see him live? He is an AMAZING musician! Ok, budget. We budgeted $120.  What we spent: $40-Parking (!!! THIS made me very angry! No reason for that cost except just plain taking advantage!!), $34 for food at the stadium, which was very tasty so I wasn’t mad about the cost (we were there nearly 12 hours and no outside anything was permitted in)  so no way to get around spending $$ on food), $12 on popcorn and a coke (hubby’s needs! 😂) $6 coke (another hubby need) and 33.71 for middle of the night breakfast at Waffle House on the way home. We were over budget by $5.71.  If Kevin hadn’t needed that last coke, we would have been under budget.  On the other hand, we did a good deed that cost a few dollars (details aren’t important) and we would have been under by a few dollars.  Either way, I am counting it a win even though we went over by nearly $6.

I LOVE budgeting and going wherever we decide with a firm plan in place. NO guilt and completely a license to enjoy!

Now, with that being said, NO MORE concerts! We will be finishing this journey.  We have $15100.31 in consumer debt and it will take us much less than 12 months to get it gone (providing Murphy limits his visits!!).

Next I will be providing an update on my health journey.  Spoiler: it has taken a backseat and that also has to change!

Do you have any questions about Dave Ramsey or the baby steps? Comment or DM me on instagram (handle is @almasdays) if you’d rather remain anonymous. I have such a desire to help with whatever you need!

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