Weekend Plans

So. I took a selfie for insta today and realized a few things about me.
My hair.  It is awful! I am growing it out from this trendy do I had to have that looked great on everyone I saw it on. Except me.  And it don’t mean it didn’t  “look good” on me.  What I mean is I didn’t feel good in it.  I received compliments on it constantly.  I just didn’t love how I felt with it.  I am a girl and I like hair.  Does that make sense? I feel like my hair makes me more feminine or something.  I don’t know really, that is just the way it is for me.
I think it is time for botox.
Next, I have vacationitis.  When I get off of work at 1030AM Friday morning, I will be OUT until 06/04/18! It has been a very long time since I had a solid week for FUN.  All of my vacation for more than a long weekend has been due to surgery or illness here lately.
Friday, I have a hair appointment to kick off the festivities.  As soon as that is done (gotta color my grays, yo!), a girlfriend and I will be hitting the road.  We are shutting ourselves in a hotel room with good wi-fi to knock out some work on our side-hustles. Ya know how that stuff is important, but time gets away? You always have dinner to cook, house to clean, the 9-5 that you CAN’T skimp on and there is always something that is going to be left behind.  Well, we are going to take care of that problem this weekend.   I think if I can knock out all of the things that I’ve been putting off and create a good schedule for myself, I can get a handle on it.  It is FUN stuff, there just aren’t enough hours in a day! If I am home, there WILL be something more important or a million distractions! We are also going to hit the hotel gym and that excites me (I don’t even know who I am anymore!!). I’ve never been more excited for a “working weekend”!
Kevin is on call this weekend but that ends Monday morning then he is officially on vacation as well! We are traveling to Biloxi and going to live it up! We plan to lay by the pool, maybe catch a baseball game, have a fancy schmancy dinner, and if we are lucky, one of the pennies we put in a slot will turn us into millionaires! That is how it works, right?  Because we do NOT put more than a few $$ in them money suckers!
Let’s talk about the FASTer Way for a second.  I am so in love with this program, my only regret is I didn’t find it 30 years ago! I do have to wonder, however, is this like a great husband (I’m looking at you, Kevin!), if I HAD found it 30 years ago, would it have worked for me then? Would I have been ready? At any rate, I have it now and I love it.  I am in my 2nd 6 week round and am NOT looking back! I stressed my pretty little head just about off over this vacation next week until one minute it just dawned on me.  Make a plan, dummy! So I did.  On days I KNOW I can control, I have a meal plan in place.  Yes, this does include Chipotle.  2 days.  Because if I can why shouldn’t I??? On the questionable days (Thursday we will be going to the buffet with my father in law and Friday when we have a super fancy dinner with a bread basket that I WILL enjoy), I have a semi plan in place.  I am sure I will go over my macros and that is ok.  It is vacation and one meal will NOT break my plan.  That is one of the many great things about this lifestyle.  We are going to hit the hotel gym (again, I’m excited and this befuddles me!) every morning so that is within my control. On the way home Saturday, we are stopping at Costco and Trader Joes to get our weekly groceries and beginning with dinner Saturday night, it is right back to it! Also, all of this is written out in my day planner to keep me on track!
How do you handle vacation.  Are you a complete planner, semi planner or all willy-nilly?
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