Meetaversary Weekend

Hidey Ho neighbor! Hows it goin? I tell ya, there are not enough hours in a week! I have so much on my to-do list, including this little ol’ bloggity, but I constantly run out of time! If I didn’t have to sleep, I could get so much more done!

This past weekend, Kevin and I celebrated our 16th meetaversary! We celebrate every single thing we can think of, as a matter of fact.  All within a couple of weeks of each other we have my birthday, our wedding anniversary and the anniversary of the day we met.  That is the day we met face to face.  We had actually talked on the phone for a couple of weeks prior but I don’t have the exact date of that first phone call or we would celebrate that also!

Anyway, it just so happened that we had tickets to a concert on that very day. We both took the day off. As a plumber, he often gets hung up on calls even if he tries to get off early and it usually doesn’t work out.  So, if there are any times that him being off is non-negotiable, he normally has to request the entire day.  So we sacrificed.  ha! We relaxed around the house for a bit and then made our way.  We stopped for dinner at Zoes. Many, this place just gets better and better.  I had shrimp kabobs with turmeric rice, roasted veggies and fruit.  Kevin had a power grain bowl. We were not disappointed!

Once we were finished eating, we made our way to the St Augustine Amphitheatre for the concert.  I had never been to this venue before so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  It ended up being pretty amazing.  It isn’t large so no matter where you sit, your view is amazing. The sun was setting to our left so it wasn’t unbearable hot or blinding. We were there a bit early so we had time to make our way to our seats with no rush.

The first to take the stage was Midland.  We saw them in December and they were good.  I feel like they were a bit better in December but that could have just been me.  I was quite entertained to see 2 of them barefooted! What? yep. Whatevs!

Taking the stage next was Kacey Musgraves.  I knew a couple of her songs so I wasn’t looking for anything either way.  She gained a new fan! That girls stage presence was crazy! Her band , backdrop and her outfit were all coordinated and it was beautiful! I felt like I was at a fancy-schmancy stage show in the ’70s!

After that, the ones we came to see came out.  Little Big Town was the headliner. When I got the tickets, I was mainly excited to see Midland again and to visit the amphitheatre. Well, when they came out singing Kevin said he heard me say “WHOA!”. It was definitely a moment.  They sound good on the radio but in person, it was like nothing I’d ever heard before! their harmony was hair raising! I am not exaggerating. The hair on my arms literally raised! If ever you get the chance to see them, do it! You will NOT be disappointed.  Unless you don’t like country music and then, well, you might be a tad sad.

Saturday, I planned to go have lunch, see a movie and get groceries.  On the way into town (it is about a 45 minute drive) there ended up being a horrific accident on the interstate and we sat in one spot for over an hour. I didn’t have time for a movie at that point so I went straight for lunch. Chipotle, of course.  I ran into TJ Maxx and then to Krispy Kreme because, SATURDAY TREAT! and then my last planned stop was Trader Joes. While in TJ Maxx, I became very ill.  To the point I wondered if Chipotle had given me tainted lettuce. It only lasted until in the evening so I think the lettuce was fine, but I never made it for groceries.



(now I’ve just made myself crave chipotle again!)

Fortunately, my kid was up for a ride Sunday.  We had a redo of my Saturday and went to lunch, a movie, TJ Maxx, World Market and Trader Joes.

We saw Ready Player One.  It wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. My brain kept trying to make it a movie where they needed him to save the world from an asteroid or something.  Not it at all but still very very good, IMO. After the movie, we had lunch at Panera.  My go to there is the U Pick 2 with Roasted Turkey and Avocado and the Asian Sesame Salad with Chicken, Apple for a side and I actually had enough macros that I also enjoyed a bag of chips.

Sunday ended up being a really great day.  It was beautiful and we were able to take the windows out of the Jeep.

I came home and mentally prepared for a great week! So far, it is working!

How is your week going?

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2 thoughts on “Meetaversary Weekend

  1. I LOVE CELEBRATING LANDON AND MY MEETAVERSY TOO! And um, I totally know our sexaversary as well, LMFAO! This year we sadly did NOT friggin celebrate though and I am kinda bummed. It was April 7th! We always go to the place we met and sit at the same table, and the coolest part is the woman who served us STILL WORKS THERE – Grace!!! ❤ That restaurant is family to us which is really cool too! 🙂 Happy Meetaversary to you and your husband and um… THAT CHIPOTLE though?! 😉


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