Birthday Celebration

My birthday this year was low-key.  We have been traveling and incredible amount. We’ve gone to Tampa for Kenny Chesney, Disney, we have a trip to Biloxi coming up among others. We also had gone shoe shopping for sneakers on our last Disney trip. That is what I wanted for a present for my birthday.  Wish granted! I got 3 pair!

(I have a beautiful picture of my beautiful shoes but the stupid thing won’t upload!! 😦  Until then, believe I got an awesome pair of pink Chucks, a solid black pair of Nikes and a solid WHITE pair of Asics [my fave shoes ever!])

On the day of my birthday, I was surprised at work with a beautifully decorated desk! I had balloons, streamers, ALL the Reeses, Peterbrooke and a card with money and a gift card.


Later that night, Ian, Japer and I went to a Jumbo Shrimp game. Fun times! The next day, I had a run that was tortuous (because of said jumbo shrimp game!) and I was certain that I would be doing nothing else the rest of the day.  I did forget that I had to go pick up my Never Quit packet because I thought that was the last time I would be able to. (spoiler alert, I could have gone later in the week!) Anyway, my mom and Jasper went with me to get my packet so we went to eat hibachi. I had all of my macros planned out to a T. It was so hot in there, I barely ate anything.  It was unbearable. I was feeling nauseated by the time we left. The moment Jasper looked at me and said “Aunkie! I feel like I’m dreaming. Am I really here?” made it all worthwhile. Hibachi is his favorite ever! Since I hadn’t been able to eat anything, I still had plenty of macros left so we spent a bit of time at Krisy Kreme. Oh the sacrifices! haha.  I enjoyed a sour cream donut and a chocolate milk.  It hit the spot, I tell ya. Apparently, I didn’t think too highly of my dinner because there isn’t a single picture to be found!

Do you prefer a low-key celebration or do you go all out?

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