5ks and addictions

Let us talk about my most recent 5k.  And my newest addiction to them.  I seriously can’t get enough.  I can’t believe I am so late to this party!

Kevin and I participated in the Never Quit Never this past Saturday. It was like no other for me.  A first but certainly not a last of its kind!

To begin, we stayed closer to the start Friday night because of my miserable experience with participating in a race the week prior on so little sleep. The night before, we went to Flame Broilers for dinner.  I had never been there and was pleasantly surprised.  Here is what was left of my bowl:


After eating, we went to our hotel and crashed hard to prepare for a 4AM wake up.  Before going to sleep, I was messaging back and forth with a friend who had done this race before and she mentioned they would arrive between 630 and 7.  We we told we would need to park prior to 6AM or risk walking miles to the start line.  I started second guessing our early wake up but decided to not to chance it. I am so happy I listened to my gut.  We arrived about 530AM and was able to park fairly close but cars were pouring into the area.  I am certain had we not arrived so early we would have been parking far away.

Side Note: At one point, a person came up to the car parked beside us and apparently being a friend, jumped into their backseat.  In the process, he SLAMMED the rear door into our car.  It was hard enough to rock our car.  Their windows were down so I know he saw me get out and inspect the huge dent and chipped paint in our door.  Do you think he even bothered to apologize? Nope.  Never even acknowledged that it had happened.  That was irritating.  Our car isn’t new and it does have dings but it looks pretty good for its age (and it’s paid for!!). It wasn’t worth reporting to the police or insurance but I would have loved an apology, ya know? Anyway, quick karma, after the race, they came back to their car shortly after us and they had to ask us to move so they could be jumped off as their battery was dead.  Take THAT your mean door slammer!

So back to the race… it was raining.  and cool.  We kept thinking it was going to stop but it never did! We got out of the car to head to visit the porta potties and head to the start line.  We were soaked before we ever made it to the potties! Once on the beach, the energy and emotion was insane!

We sang the National Anthem, someone played Taps, there were some WWII veterans there, it was pretty amazing.

Then we were off.

This race was an out and back so we were able to cheer on those faster than us as they came back by.  That was an awesome feeling.  There were firefighters, military personnel and police in full uniform running.  There were those on walkers and even a marine with ALS.

And then we crossed the finish line.

I don’t yet understand chip vs gun vs my own Garmin time.  According to my time, I had another PR by about 20 seconds, according to chip time, I was about a minute 15 seconds slower.  Either way I am thrilled with my time.  I was really scared of this race because uneven surfaces are torture on my knee so I was certain I would be super slow (ha! I mean way slower than I am already) but this was actually the most comfortable race I’ve done yet. It truly amazed me how I felt during and after.

I am going to begin the Couch to 5K program to incorporate more actual running into my 5Ks. As of right now, I am mostly walking them although I did run across the finish line in this race. Hopefully, this will also increase my speed and distance. I had planned to begin training for a 10k this week but after thinking about it, I think I’d rather increase speed before adding more distance.

What is your opinion on distance vs speed training? Which is better to do first? Also, do you have any idea how I can understand why there is such a difference in my time vs chip?


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