5k Recap

I have wanted to write this post for about 4 days now but… life!

So, I completed my first ever 5k this past weekend.  Wow the emotions involved!

On Thursday, Ian went for a walk with me and we did 1.36 very painful miles.

The pain was on the outsides of my legs running from my ankles to my knee.  My thoughts are my shoes need to be replaced, I’m just that out of shape, I’ll never be able to walk/run any length of time/distance because I’ve treated my body so badly for so many years.

I also held a hope in the back of my mind that the race would be cancelled and I wouldn’t have to DNF or just plain not show up.

I kept pretending like I was not nervous or terrified and simply excited.  I kept pretending like I was just doing everything I needed to do to be ready to rock my first 5k.  I went to work Friday, got off and went to pick up my packet.  I texted a picture of the t-shirt to my friend I was walking with because it was so cute and she wasn’t picking up her packet until Saturday morning.

I went home and relaxed, had come “carbs” (or just an excuse to have waffles for dinner!), Ian taped my knee to see if that helped at all. I didn’t bother going to bed early, even though I had a 5AM alarm set. I didn’t need to prepare for what wasn’t going to happen, right?

I woke up Saturday morning at about 4AM, not knowing it was 4AM.  I was thinking I had either missed my alarm or it would go off at any moment.  I kept laying there and waiting… I finally looked at the clock and it was about 420AM. I never went back to sleep.  I finally got up, got ready and fixed a water bottle and a BCAA water bottle for after the race I wasn’t going to do.

All the way there, I told myself how proud I was for getting up and going, even if it was for nothing but cheering my friend on.

I got there, parked and sat in the car for a bit posting instastories about the first 5k I registered for being a DNS and if this one was a DNF, I was still improving, right? After all, I can only walk less than a mile with no severe pain, right?

Met up with my friend and acted excited and not scared. And then everyone started moving. I was off to start my first ever 5k.

We walked and walked and walked.  Brandi did such a great job of carrying on a conversation and distracting me.

We went across a parking lot, behind some buildings, alllll along the back, down in front of Target, but up past the start/finish line, basically just a giant figure 8 around the St Johns Town Center.  We walked and chatted.  We had a police escort because we had been passed by everyone.

There were still people right in front of us so they hadn’t passed us THAT bad.  I finally decided to look at my phone and see how far we had been so I’d know how much further I’d be able to go before throwing in the towel.

I will never forget the moment when I looked at my phone and had been 1.63 miles and I was still strolling along like it was a walk in the park.  In that moment, I realized I was going to complete my first 5k.  THAT moment was more powerful than even crossing the finish line.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you it wasn’t hard.  My foot went number right on queue around mile 1. By the time I finished the race, I could feel it again.  Really not sure what is up with that. New shoes? Out of shape? Something more sinister? No idea.

I barely remember crossing the finish line.  Side note, we weren’t last.  We passed someone else before finishing. I was just kinda there but not. I remember Brandi tugging my arm to come get my medal but I was in complete and total disbelief that I was where I was.  It was an amazing feeling and all I could think about was when I could do another.

They did pass out ice cream afterwards (it was presented by Kilwins Ice Cream!) but I couldn’t eat any. I have discovered I am very much a fasted cardio person and I can’t take anything in for some time after I’m done.

We sat for a bit and Brandi enjoyed her treat. When we stood back up, the pain set in! Ohhh my knee! It was screaming loud! That was the best pain I ever did feel!

When I looked at my phone, I had finished in 1:02:49 and had negative splits the entire way. Official chip time was 1:08:01.  Either way, I finished!

We had planned to go to brunch but neither of us ever gained an appetite.  I wound up just going straight to my mom’s.  No one was at home at my house and I needed to show that bling to someone! When I got there, she made me some scrambled eggs and bacon and it was GOOD.  I still didn’t have an appetite but it was getting late and I knew I needed to get something in me.

We ending up taking my nephew to a movie and to eat Mexican beforehand.  I did enjoy some fajitas and a sopapilla.  By the time we got there, I felt like I could eat a truck!

During the movie, I didn’t have any snacks but I was prepared with almonds and an RX bar.  I did keep my water bottle with me though.  I fell asleep a couple of times but my nephew didn’t let that last! Haha.

After the movie, we came right home.  I was about toast.  I had been up since 4AM after all.  It is hard work trying to convince yourself you can’t do something!

Do you remember finishing your first race?

What was a better feeling, realizing you were going to finish or actually finishing?

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