Just Eeeassseee Into It!

So… I alluded to a new plan I was going to begin and it is here! When I signed up to join the group, it felt like it was going to take forever and I was going to gain a bajillion pounds just waiting for the program to begin.  In all actuality, it has been 9 days. That really did feel like forever to me.


I have joined Amanda Tress’ Faster Way to Fat Loss program.  It is all about intermittent fasting (which everyone already does some form of so don’t panic!) and carb cycling. I do know that simple carbs are not healthy for me (not for everyone, I’m just talking about ME here!) and her program is about learning which days are best to each complex carbs and which days are best to just say no to that sweet potato.


I have learned enough about myself to know that I can’t dive into a program headfirst all at once or I WILL fail.  At this point, I am grateful for that 9 day buffer.  I have taken the time to read everything she has sent my way, to look at the workouts, study the food listings and to see what exactly this carb cycling thing is all about. I have also started “training” my body to eat later in the morning.  I have always been an “eat as soon as my feet hit the floor” type of girl.  It is not easy to convince my tummy that won’t be happening anymore.


I am also grateful for the support that will be available during this 7 week course. I can’t do this without support.  I know that about myself as well. I’m not talking about the kind of support from my husband or my mom or my son.  I’m talking about the kind that comes from people who are in the thick of it with me. Who know why I feel the way I do at any given moment.  It just helps to not feel alone, ya know?

In the past 9 days, I have upped my water game like nobody business, found “healthy” foods that need to be left alone on low carb days, and realized that I can do this! I HAVE done it. I am excited to see where I am in 7 week!

Have you ever practiced either intermittent fasting or carb cycling? What were your results?

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4 thoughts on “Just Eeeassseee Into It!

  1. This is dead on. When I found out I was pregnant with my son, I knew things would have to change, and quickly. But I eased myself into a healthier diet, with very little caffeine and it worked much better than when I previously had tried to give up everything all at once.


  2. You got this!! I can honestly say that I have never tried intermittent fasting or carb cycling. I am definitely going to have to look into this. I recently joined my local gym, but I have only been once. SMH! 😦 But I really need to get my but up and doing something and I am not a big eater, and with the help of the gym, maybe this is something I can do. Thanks for sharing this with us. PS: Keep your chin up! 🙂


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