Same Story Different Day

How do I even begin this?

I last posted on January 3 about how I was so grateful for the new year (not a lie) and about how every day is new (still true thank goodness!) and about all of the things I wanted to do to get my life back on track and how my “word of the year” was going to help with that (it still can!)

My goal regarding things I put into my body: is in a major downward spiral.  I have GOT to regain control of this.  I am working on it as we speak.  I did make a conscious decision to discontinue beachbody.  Not because I didn’t love it, I do and it works! However, if we go out of town, I have to pack my ninja or not have a shake.  If I don’t have a shake, it is a mental thing and I spiral out of control. Neither of those are long term solutions for me at this time. I want to get my eating under control using WHOLE foods and a sustainable way of eating I can practice anytime, anywhere with no special tools. More on this to come!

How I move my body goals: again… FAIL… this weekend is the Disney Princess Half.  I was signed up to run through Girls on the Run as a fundraiser.  Yeah, didn’t happen.  I was also registered for a 5K this past weekend.  Wasn’t able to do it because I didn’t get off my butt and train.  I have another one on 03/03 that I am currently training for.  If I’m not able to do it, it will not be because I haven’t tried my hardest.  That is more than I can say about anything else in the past, currently! Before this year is out, I want (ACHE IN MY SOUL!!) to run a half.

Our money goals I talked about are actually the one thing I (we) are successful at so far.  We have paid off our car and are on target to be debt free by our deadline, most likely early.

The last goal was being intentional about how I feel about myself.  Since I have been so unsuccessful in all of the goals I’ve set for myself, this has greatly impacted this intentionality. THIS STOPS NOW!

Have you set goals for yourself? Have you been successful (in your own opinion)?

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2 thoughts on “Same Story Different Day

  1. I have set my New Years resolution goal to work out every single day. So far, I have only done one day! I really need to kick this goal into gear!

    It’s great to hear of your success with your financial goals! 🙂


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