Word of the Year 2018

Good day and Happy New Year!

I have thoroughly enjoyed this holiday season.   I think more than even Thanksgiving and Christmas, I love the first day of the year.  It feels so fresh! Absolutely anything is possible.

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I even got a new tattoo the day after Thanksgiving to remind myself that every single day is new. Kind of extreme as a reminder? Maybe but I wanted it!


When last year began, I had some major stressors going on in my life.  Once I was past the health issues I had, (and I’ve talked about this before) my life went willy nilly.  I went, ate, spent, did with no regard for anything. This out of control year has helped me realize what I need to be to make this a successful year in getting my life back on track.

My word for 2018 is:

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Intentional with a side of ice (because Florida is ICY today!!). I want to be intentional in:

the things I put into my body:  I want to eat healthy foods that make me feel good without completely going off the rails if I have a treat.   I want to have a daily Shakeology.  I KNOW this works, it worked for me in 2016, it can work again! I want treats to be treats again.  They will become this by being consumed occasionally.  A Reese’s cup is no longer a treat if I have one daily, am I right? Same with Starbucks.  On that same token, if I have the occasional Reese’s cup, I don’t want to consider it a “failure” and let that give me a license to eat any and everything in sight. (Can you tell what my fave “treat” is?)

how we spend our money: it is our goal to be debt free (or as close as possible) by the end of this year.  December 21, more precisely.  We are planning a 12 day road trip for Christmas this year and I would LOVE to be debt free prior to leaving our driveway for this road trip.  What a way to celebrate! We follow the Dave Ramsey FPU plan, so he would not be happy if we are cash flowing a once in a lifetime vacation while being on BS2, however, it is the way the cookie crumbles! To be debt free in that length of time, I need to be intentional about having food readily available at home so as not to eat out.  That is our main money waster.  Quitting that is going to help the waist line and the bottom line!

how I MOVE my body: Additionally, I want to be intentional in getting more movement in.  I have actually registered for 3 5ks, the first of which is February 17.  I gotta get to moving so I’ll be ready for this! I also want to do a daily beachbody workout.  I felt AMAZING when doing these before.  These workouts also helped my knee tremendously.  I have been having knee pain again since I stopped with the exercising and eating better.

Lastly, I am going to be intentional in how I feel about myself.  I am NOT going to be mean to me because I have regained nearly everything I and am back at the starting line.  I am going to take this one day, one hour, one minute at a time and I’m going to love myself.

Starting now!

Do you have a word for the year? If not, do you have goals or intentions for your fresh start?

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10 thoughts on “Word of the Year 2018

  1. We have been seeing dragonfly flights everywhere we walk for over a year. I’ve grown rather fond of them. I don’t have a word. Happy New Year!


  2. Love your specific goals, they all seem so achievable. Remember to give yourself grace when things don’t always go as planned. Good luck this year!


  3. i love your tattoo, but i’m curious whether you’ve got a particular reason why you chose dragonfly to remind you that every single day is new? anyway, happy new year… hope you get into your resolution well since the day 1! 😀


    • I just love dragonflies. If you’ll notice his head though, it is a lotus flower. The lotus blooms fresh from the mud every morning. This makes me feel like no matter what I get sucked under by, every morning is a new chance to begin again.


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