Resuming Life…

After the last couple of weeks it feels impossible to return to “normal”. I’m not even sure what that even is. It just feels wrong. But it has to be done.

Yesterday, my mom and I went off for a little while to just get out of the house.  We did a wee bit of shopping and went to dinner. I absolutely LOVE TJ Maxx. I get in trouble every time I go there, nearly!

This time, I bought snacks! Never shop when hungry, right? Well, I was JUST this side of starving ALL DAY yesterday.  Do you ever have days like that?

Well, Walkers Shortbread sent me a giftcard to get some snacks with and I was starving so BAM!

These are the absolute best cookies to enjoy with a cup of coffee at night while blogging! They are light and soooo buttery! I will guarantee if you don’t choose a couple of cookies and leave the box in the kitchen, you will eat them ALL! (don’t ask me how I know that!)  I have put what we didn’t eat up for a beach day Saturday! I have to make a conscious decision to FORGET they are in the kitchen or they won’t last that long!

The week of my grandma’s service was nothing but eating food that was provided by friends and churches. There is nothing healthy about that kind of food.  Add in a person who is a stress eater and that is a recipe for disaster!

I tried to return to normal eats and moves last week but wasn’t very successful at it. I am trying again this week.  So far, so good.

For breakfast, I had a shakeology, lunch was some bbq pork and greenbeans with trailmix and grapes for an afternoon snack. Dinner was a little less healthy with shrimp alfredo and broccoli. I took zero food pictures!

I DID, however, take pictures of the workout I did today.  That’s right! I MOVED!



ACTUAL movement!

Gotta get more steps…

I did the Shiftshop workout from Beachbody. That was a GREAT workout! I was a sweaty mess.  I do NOT like to sweat so that is saying something!

Obviously, I didn’t set the app correctly before beginning, I needed to select a higher active calorie burn.  Live and learn, right?

Have you tried the new Beachbody workout?

What new workout have you done lately?


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