Heaven’s Angels

Kevin and I went to Hollywood Studios for the weekend after my last post. We came home on Sunday expecting life to be normal. My mom called to say my Grandma wasn’t doing well so we went over to see her.  I fed her some apple sauce with her evening medicine crushed into it and she drank some water.  She knew me, Ian, my nephew, seemingly everyone that was there. I went on home and went to work Monday morning.  At 9:11 AM, my phone rang.  It was my aunt telling me to get my mom to her house ASAP as my grandma was gone.  This is the most unreal feeling I’ve ever experienced.  I’m not sure when my heart will ever believe she isn’t there. My mind knows it but my heart just won’t catch up.


Grandma and Me

This was us at my bridal shoot.  I don’t ever remember her not being there. The world is just a little darker with her not in it.



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