Day 2 and 3

Good evening! I am so stinkin happy to be back I don’t know what to do with myself! I said in an instagram post yesterday, I feel like I’ve been on a long unwanted but needed vacation. Glad that’s over!


We went on another walk yesterday morning.  We waited until the sun was blazing and no further than we walked, it made a difference in our time.  We added about 30 seconds to the mile.  When you’re as slow as we (I) are, 30 seconds is a lot! That is going in the total wrong direction. We still went and that made me happy. I did wake up this morning at 5 to go and realized how dark it was. Living in the country with no street lights put that to a halt real quick. My plan was to come home tonight and get it in, however, we had the mother of all storms.  Literally, they believe a tornado hit about 2 blocks from where we had dinner. Then it followed us to our house (the rain not the tornado). We need an indoor track here! Or a treadmill. I REALLY don’t want one of those though. I’d MUCH rather be outside. After we didn’t get home until nearly 830, I decided to just call it a “rest” day (from what? I have literally only been at this 2 days!) but life happens. I need to plan better but today was highly unusual.

Eats have been fabulous!

After yesterday’s fiery walk, I cooled down with an awesome Shakeo…


Lunch was scrambled eggs and fruit.  I was still hot and craving something cold.  That fruit hit the spot!


For dinner, Kevin grilled some pork and chicken breasts.  I chose pork for my evening meal with some fresh roasted squash.  I seasoned the squash with some Old Bay and it rocked my face off.  SOO. GOOD!


Tuesday morning began with a vanilla shakeo and a cup of coffee.


Lunch was chicken breasts and some more of that rock my face off squash.  Sadly, this was the end of it.  Should have made more.  DANG! And fruit.  This is seriously flavorful. I do NOT love when I get fruit that has no flavor.  This is perfect.


We stopped for dinner Tuesday night and it is enough for lunch tomorrow also.  So good! A (2!) baked potato with brisket, cheese, sour cream, bbq sauce and green onions. My sides were sweet potato casserole and corn. (That is tomatoes in the corn!). I also had a monster cookie for dessert.  This place has amazing desserts as well.


I am very pleased with my progress so far.  One day at a time!

Your turn:

How do you accommodate for “life” when training for a race? I know when it starts getting closer, “life” can’t get in the way. I know I should just adjust my training schedule but I don’t feel like I have room for that.  Am I being too hard on myself?

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