5k Recap

I have wanted to write this post for about 4 days now but… life!

So, I completed my first ever 5k this past weekend.  Wow the emotions involved!

On Thursday, Ian went for a walk with me and we did 1.36 very painful miles.

The pain was on the outsides of my legs running from my ankles to my knee.  My thoughts are my shoes need to be replaced, I’m just that out of shape, I’ll never be able to walk/run any length of time/distance because I’ve treated my body so badly for so many years.

I also held a hope in the back of my mind that the race would be cancelled and I wouldn’t have to DNF or just plain not show up.

I kept pretending like I was not nervous or terrified and simply excited.  I kept pretending like I was just doing everything I needed to do to be ready to rock my first 5k.  I went to work Friday, got off and went to pick up my packet.  I texted a picture of the t-shirt to my friend I was walking with because it was so cute and she wasn’t picking up her packet until Saturday morning.

I went home and relaxed, had come “carbs” (or just an excuse to have waffles for dinner!), Ian taped my knee to see if that helped at all. I didn’t bother going to bed early, even though I had a 5AM alarm set. I didn’t need to prepare for what wasn’t going to happen, right?

I woke up Saturday morning at about 4AM, not knowing it was 4AM.  I was thinking I had either missed my alarm or it would go off at any moment.  I kept laying there and waiting… I finally looked at the clock and it was about 420AM. I never went back to sleep.  I finally got up, got ready and fixed a water bottle and a BCAA water bottle for after the race I wasn’t going to do.

All the way there, I told myself how proud I was for getting up and going, even if it was for nothing but cheering my friend on.

I got there, parked and sat in the car for a bit posting instastories about the first 5k I registered for being a DNS and if this one was a DNF, I was still improving, right? After all, I can only walk less than a mile with no severe pain, right?

Met up with my friend and acted excited and not scared. And then everyone started moving. I was off to start my first ever 5k.

We walked and walked and walked.  Brandi did such a great job of carrying on a conversation and distracting me.

We went across a parking lot, behind some buildings, alllll along the back, down in front of Target, but up past the start/finish line, basically just a giant figure 8 around the St Johns Town Center.  We walked and chatted.  We had a police escort because we had been passed by everyone.

There were still people right in front of us so they hadn’t passed us THAT bad.  I finally decided to look at my phone and see how far we had been so I’d know how much further I’d be able to go before throwing in the towel.

I will never forget the moment when I looked at my phone and had been 1.63 miles and I was still strolling along like it was a walk in the park.  In that moment, I realized I was going to complete my first 5k.  THAT moment was more powerful than even crossing the finish line.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you it wasn’t hard.  My foot went number right on queue around mile 1. By the time I finished the race, I could feel it again.  Really not sure what is up with that. New shoes? Out of shape? Something more sinister? No idea.

I barely remember crossing the finish line.  Side note, we weren’t last.  We passed someone else before finishing. I was just kinda there but not. I remember Brandi tugging my arm to come get my medal but I was in complete and total disbelief that I was where I was.  It was an amazing feeling and all I could think about was when I could do another.

They did pass out ice cream afterwards (it was presented by Kilwins Ice Cream!) but I couldn’t eat any. I have discovered I am very much a fasted cardio person and I can’t take anything in for some time after I’m done.

We sat for a bit and Brandi enjoyed her treat. When we stood back up, the pain set in! Ohhh my knee! It was screaming loud! That was the best pain I ever did feel!

When I looked at my phone, I had finished in 1:02:49 and had negative splits the entire way. Official chip time was 1:08:01.  Either way, I finished!

We had planned to go to brunch but neither of us ever gained an appetite.  I wound up just going straight to my mom’s.  No one was at home at my house and I needed to show that bling to someone! When I got there, she made me some scrambled eggs and bacon and it was GOOD.  I still didn’t have an appetite but it was getting late and I knew I needed to get something in me.

We ending up taking my nephew to a movie and to eat Mexican beforehand.  I did enjoy some fajitas and a sopapilla.  By the time we got there, I felt like I could eat a truck!

During the movie, I didn’t have any snacks but I was prepared with almonds and an RX bar.  I did keep my water bottle with me though.  I fell asleep a couple of times but my nephew didn’t let that last! Haha.

After the movie, we came right home.  I was about toast.  I had been up since 4AM after all.  It is hard work trying to convince yourself you can’t do something!

Do you remember finishing your first race?

What was a better feeling, realizing you were going to finish or actually finishing?

It’s Been a Week

Good afternoon! How was your week? Mine has been pretty awesome.  I intended to check back in her before now but my time was better spent on movement! I get a bit in this week and I’m proud.

Let’s start with last weekend first, shall we?

Saturday was spent all day doing things Kevin wanted (mostly).  It was his birthday Friday so we just spent the day together relaxing and enjoying our time. We started the day with a walk.


It wasn’t a long one because I am having terrible shin splints (I’m told time will help??) and I’m breaking my knee back into the idea of movement.

After that, we came home and got ready for the day.  We first had to go for a hair appointment (me!) and then we could start having fun! We headed to an RV lot that we have been dying to visit.  We both pass it at least twice per day on our commute.  Well, let me just say our visit was less than stellar.  We were there probably 10 minutes and no less than 3 people came out of offices, saw us, and turned back around.  Needless to say, we won’t be back. We had gotten a late start because I had a hair appointment so after that, I was starving! Kevin picked Teds Montana Grill for lunch.  No arguments here.  I freakin love that place! We both had burgers.  I had pre-calculated in My Fitness Pal what I was going to have and was fairly certain I would eat all of my calories in that one meal.  That was fine with me because it was a BIG meal. And SO worth it!


I ended up eating only 1/2 of the burger, an onion ring and 2 or 3 fries.  I was a bit disappointed because I did NOT want to stop eating but I was stuffed!

After that, we went to a guitar store for Kev to fiddle around with some amps and I sat in the car and read.  It was such a beautiful day with the windows down.  I could have sat there all day! We then went to another RV lot which is the one I’m sure we will get our RV from when the time is right.  Before the night was over, we took in a move.  15:17 to Paris is really good.  The acting is sub par, but it is the original guys who saved the train playing themselves so that is understandable. The story, however, takes you back to their childhood and how then wound up then and there.  Really powerful and will make you think.  If you see it, let me know what you think!

Sunday, we bought tickets for a Family Foodie Fare presented by the Jax Moms.  It was so stinking much fun! We ate and ate and ate.

At the end of the day, Kevin won a coffee basket.  How fitting, yes?


After going to see another movie (Den of Thieves… SO GOOD) we came home and crashed.  Hard! it was such a busy, wonderful weekend!

During the week, I’ve been trying to acclimate myself to my new FWTFL plan. Of course as soon as my brain heard “don’t eat till noon” it wanted food as soon as my feet hit the floor every morning! Crazy times! I have gotten in a good amount of movement this week.

Well, when I say “good amount” do I mean twice? I certainly FEEL like it was more than that but these are the only screen shots I have! Poo! This is sure to change.  This is going to be a daily thing for me.  I have a 5k tomorrow and I’m pretty sure I’m going to get a DNF.  Shin splints are still killing me.  I did read today to do some heel raises (is that what they are called? Standing on your toes on a step and lifting up?) anyway, those and shortening my stride.  I’m going to implement both of these today and see what happens. I will report back here Monday morning with a recap of my weekend and how the race goes!

Do you have a race this weekend?

Any advise for shin splints?










Just Eeeassseee Into It!

So… I alluded to a new plan I was going to begin and it is here! When I signed up to join the group, it felt like it was going to take forever and I was going to gain a bajillion pounds just waiting for the program to begin.  In all actuality, it has been 9 days. That really did feel like forever to me.


I have joined Amanda Tress’ Faster Way to Fat Loss program.  It is all about intermittent fasting (which everyone already does some form of so don’t panic!) and carb cycling. I do know that simple carbs are not healthy for me (not for everyone, I’m just talking about ME here!) and her program is about learning which days are best to each complex carbs and which days are best to just say no to that sweet potato.


I have learned enough about myself to know that I can’t dive into a program headfirst all at once or I WILL fail.  At this point, I am grateful for that 9 day buffer.  I have taken the time to read everything she has sent my way, to look at the workouts, study the food listings and to see what exactly this carb cycling thing is all about. I have also started “training” my body to eat later in the morning.  I have always been an “eat as soon as my feet hit the floor” type of girl.  It is not easy to convince my tummy that won’t be happening anymore.


I am also grateful for the support that will be available during this 7 week course. I can’t do this without support.  I know that about myself as well. I’m not talking about the kind of support from my husband or my mom or my son.  I’m talking about the kind that comes from people who are in the thick of it with me. Who know why I feel the way I do at any given moment.  It just helps to not feel alone, ya know?

In the past 9 days, I have upped my water game like nobody business, found “healthy” foods that need to be left alone on low carb days, and realized that I can do this! I HAVE done it. I am excited to see where I am in 7 week!

Have you ever practiced either intermittent fasting or carb cycling? What were your results?

Same Story Different Day

How do I even begin this?

I last posted on January 3 about how I was so grateful for the new year (not a lie) and about how every day is new (still true thank goodness!) and about all of the things I wanted to do to get my life back on track and how my “word of the year” was going to help with that (it still can!)

My goal regarding things I put into my body: is in a major downward spiral.  I have GOT to regain control of this.  I am working on it as we speak.  I did make a conscious decision to discontinue beachbody.  Not because I didn’t love it, I do and it works! However, if we go out of town, I have to pack my ninja or not have a shake.  If I don’t have a shake, it is a mental thing and I spiral out of control. Neither of those are long term solutions for me at this time. I want to get my eating under control using WHOLE foods and a sustainable way of eating I can practice anytime, anywhere with no special tools. More on this to come!

How I move my body goals: again… FAIL… this weekend is the Disney Princess Half.  I was signed up to run through Girls on the Run as a fundraiser.  Yeah, didn’t happen.  I was also registered for a 5K this past weekend.  Wasn’t able to do it because I didn’t get off my butt and train.  I have another one on 03/03 that I am currently training for.  If I’m not able to do it, it will not be because I haven’t tried my hardest.  That is more than I can say about anything else in the past, currently! Before this year is out, I want (ACHE IN MY SOUL!!) to run a half.

Our money goals I talked about are actually the one thing I (we) are successful at so far.  We have paid off our car and are on target to be debt free by our deadline, most likely early.

The last goal was being intentional about how I feel about myself.  Since I have been so unsuccessful in all of the goals I’ve set for myself, this has greatly impacted this intentionality. THIS STOPS NOW!

Have you set goals for yourself? Have you been successful (in your own opinion)?

Word of the Year 2018

Good day and Happy New Year!

I have thoroughly enjoyed this holiday season.   I think more than even Thanksgiving and Christmas, I love the first day of the year.  It feels so fresh! Absolutely anything is possible.

Pink & Gold Simple New Year Social Media Graphics (2)

I even got a new tattoo the day after Thanksgiving to remind myself that every single day is new. Kind of extreme as a reminder? Maybe but I wanted it!


When last year began, I had some major stressors going on in my life.  Once I was past the health issues I had, (and I’ve talked about this before) my life went willy nilly.  I went, ate, spent, did with no regard for anything. This out of control year has helped me realize what I need to be to make this a successful year in getting my life back on track.

My word for 2018 is:

Pink & Gold Simple New Year Social Media Graphics (1)

Intentional with a side of ice (because Florida is ICY today!!). I want to be intentional in:

the things I put into my body:  I want to eat healthy foods that make me feel good without completely going off the rails if I have a treat.   I want to have a daily Shakeology.  I KNOW this works, it worked for me in 2016, it can work again! I want treats to be treats again.  They will become this by being consumed occasionally.  A Reese’s cup is no longer a treat if I have one daily, am I right? Same with Starbucks.  On that same token, if I have the occasional Reese’s cup, I don’t want to consider it a “failure” and let that give me a license to eat any and everything in sight. (Can you tell what my fave “treat” is?)

how we spend our money: it is our goal to be debt free (or as close as possible) by the end of this year.  December 21, more precisely.  We are planning a 12 day road trip for Christmas this year and I would LOVE to be debt free prior to leaving our driveway for this road trip.  What a way to celebrate! We follow the Dave Ramsey FPU plan, so he would not be happy if we are cash flowing a once in a lifetime vacation while being on BS2, however, it is the way the cookie crumbles! To be debt free in that length of time, I need to be intentional about having food readily available at home so as not to eat out.  That is our main money waster.  Quitting that is going to help the waist line and the bottom line!

how I MOVE my body: Additionally, I want to be intentional in getting more movement in.  I have actually registered for 3 5ks, the first of which is February 17.  I gotta get to moving so I’ll be ready for this! I also want to do a daily beachbody workout.  I felt AMAZING when doing these before.  These workouts also helped my knee tremendously.  I have been having knee pain again since I stopped with the exercising and eating better.

Lastly, I am going to be intentional in how I feel about myself.  I am NOT going to be mean to me because I have regained nearly everything I and am back at the starting line.  I am going to take this one day, one hour, one minute at a time and I’m going to love myself.

Starting now!

Do you have a word for the year? If not, do you have goals or intentions for your fresh start?

It’s A New Day!

Well.  I haven’t been in this space since July! You noticed, huh? So did I!

I have NOT been in a good head space since… ever? No, really since my stomach surgery in January (before that really!) I believe.

You would think after going through all of that, it would have made me super crazy about taking care of my new stomach, right? Well, no.  It did just the opposite.  For reasons I can’t explain, I have gone hog wild.  Hog being the operative word here. For real. I have eaten anything and everything.  Not hungry? It doesn’t matter! It won’t “hurt” your stomach now cause you can eat anything!

Well guess what? It HAS been hurting my stomach. And my arteries, and my blood pressure… you get the picture. Nothing about the way I’ve been acting has been healthy. I had a wake up call by way of a close family member’s medical emergency.  I am taking heed to that warning.  It could be any of us at any moment!

I had already been thinking about getting my act together but that single phone call pushed me straight over the edge!

I have done great this week.  I have started drinking Shakeology again.  That stuff is the BOMB! I feel amazing when I start my day with it. I am weening myself off of carbs. It is a lot harder since they don’t affect me they way they did pre-surgery, however, they still are not good for me and I feel 1 million percent better when I eat way less of them.

I have also started writing down in my day planner what I’m eating AND drinking daily.  It is amazing the awareness that simple act brings to you. Interestingly enough, my water consumption has skyrocketed since beginning to track my intake.

We are gearing up for the holidays and the way I was beginning to feel, it was going to be nothing but silent misery for me. I am so glad I am taking charge again.

I plan to check in here at least a couple of times per week for accountability.

Will you be my partner? We can just check in with each other on how we are doing. What struggles we are having, what we need help with.  Comment below. Lets do this!

We have some fun times, but they will be so much better in the coming months as we better our bodies! I can’t wait!!



Recipe Creations

***I was sent products by Walkers Shortbread to create a recipe.  All opinions are my own***

Good Day! It’s been a minute, yeah? Totes unintentional. Life gets in the way HARD, I tell ya!

I want to talk to you today about a recipe I created recently. Walkers Shortbread sent me some cookies and blueberry preserves.  The first thing that popped in my mind was cheesecake! I didn’t want traditional cheesecake though. I wanted something light and refreshing.


I first thought cupcakes but the recipe I created didn’t firm up like a traditional cheesecake up.  It was still edible, just had to be eating quickly or with a fork.  We devoured them both ways. This recipe was much better in a trifle form.




These preserves were so good, I accidentally ran across them at my local grocery store, Winn Dixie for anyone local, and snatched a jar up so quick! Dear lord they are good!

The recipe:

Blueberry Cheesecake Trifle

1 Jar Bonne Maman Blueberry preserves (or flavor of your choice, they have many to choose from!)

zest and juice of 1 lemon

2 8 oz packages of cream cheese, softened

1 tub cool whip, thawed

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 C almond milk (or milk of your choice)

2 C powdered sugar

1 package Walkers Shortbread cookies


in a small saucepan over med-low heat, stir together jar of preserves, zest and juice of lemon, let reduce.

in a mixing bowl, stir together cream cheese, milk, powdered sugar and vanilla extract. Fold in cool whip.

Crumble a cookie in the bottom of the container if making individual servings or 1/2 of the package if making a multi portion bowl.

cover with 1/2 of the cream cheese mixture.

top with 1/2 of the blueberry reduction.

add additional cookies reserving 2 for topping.


top with last 2 cookies crumbled.


This WILL be making another appearance in our house very soon.  Probably tomorrow!

Have a great rest of your weekend!

Let me know if you try this and how you like it!




Resuming Life…

After the last couple of weeks it feels impossible to return to “normal”. I’m not even sure what that even is. It just feels wrong. But it has to be done.

Yesterday, my mom and I went off for a little while to just get out of the house.  We did a wee bit of shopping and went to dinner. I absolutely LOVE TJ Maxx. I get in trouble every time I go there, nearly!

This time, I bought snacks! Never shop when hungry, right? Well, I was JUST this side of starving ALL DAY yesterday.  Do you ever have days like that?

Well, Walkers Shortbread sent me a giftcard to get some snacks with and I was starving so BAM!

These are the absolute best cookies to enjoy with a cup of coffee at night while blogging! They are light and soooo buttery! I will guarantee if you don’t choose a couple of cookies and leave the box in the kitchen, you will eat them ALL! (don’t ask me how I know that!)  I have put what we didn’t eat up for a beach day Saturday! I have to make a conscious decision to FORGET they are in the kitchen or they won’t last that long!

The week of my grandma’s service was nothing but eating food that was provided by friends and churches. There is nothing healthy about that kind of food.  Add in a person who is a stress eater and that is a recipe for disaster!

I tried to return to normal eats and moves last week but wasn’t very successful at it. I am trying again this week.  So far, so good.

For breakfast, I had a shakeology, lunch was some bbq pork and greenbeans with trailmix and grapes for an afternoon snack. Dinner was a little less healthy with shrimp alfredo and broccoli. I took zero food pictures!

I DID, however, take pictures of the workout I did today.  That’s right! I MOVED!



ACTUAL movement!

Gotta get more steps…

I did the Shiftshop workout from Beachbody. That was a GREAT workout! I was a sweaty mess.  I do NOT like to sweat so that is saying something!

Obviously, I didn’t set the app correctly before beginning, I needed to select a higher active calorie burn.  Live and learn, right?

Have you tried the new Beachbody workout?

What new workout have you done lately?


Heaven’s Angels

Kevin and I went to Hollywood Studios for the weekend after my last post. We came home on Sunday expecting life to be normal. My mom called to say my Grandma wasn’t doing well so we went over to see her.  I fed her some apple sauce with her evening medicine crushed into it and she drank some water.  She knew me, Ian, my nephew, seemingly everyone that was there. I went on home and went to work Monday morning.  At 9:11 AM, my phone rang.  It was my aunt telling me to get my mom to her house ASAP as my grandma was gone.  This is the most unreal feeling I’ve ever experienced.  I’m not sure when my heart will ever believe she isn’t there. My mind knows it but my heart just won’t catch up.


Grandma and Me

This was us at my bridal shoot.  I don’t ever remember her not being there. The world is just a little darker with her not in it.



Day 2 and 3

Good evening! I am so stinkin happy to be back I don’t know what to do with myself! I said in an instagram post yesterday, I feel like I’ve been on a long unwanted but needed vacation. Glad that’s over!


We went on another walk yesterday morning.  We waited until the sun was blazing and no further than we walked, it made a difference in our time.  We added about 30 seconds to the mile.  When you’re as slow as we (I) are, 30 seconds is a lot! That is going in the total wrong direction. We still went and that made me happy. I did wake up this morning at 5 to go and realized how dark it was. Living in the country with no street lights put that to a halt real quick. My plan was to come home tonight and get it in, however, we had the mother of all storms.  Literally, they believe a tornado hit about 2 blocks from where we had dinner. Then it followed us to our house (the rain not the tornado). We need an indoor track here! Or a treadmill. I REALLY don’t want one of those though. I’d MUCH rather be outside. After we didn’t get home until nearly 830, I decided to just call it a “rest” day (from what? I have literally only been at this 2 days!) but life happens. I need to plan better but today was highly unusual.

Eats have been fabulous!

After yesterday’s fiery walk, I cooled down with an awesome Shakeo…


Lunch was scrambled eggs and fruit.  I was still hot and craving something cold.  That fruit hit the spot!


For dinner, Kevin grilled some pork and chicken breasts.  I chose pork for my evening meal with some fresh roasted squash.  I seasoned the squash with some Old Bay and it rocked my face off.  SOO. GOOD!


Tuesday morning began with a vanilla shakeo and a cup of coffee.


Lunch was chicken breasts and some more of that rock my face off squash.  Sadly, this was the end of it.  Should have made more.  DANG! And fruit.  This is seriously flavorful. I do NOT love when I get fruit that has no flavor.  This is perfect.


We stopped for dinner Tuesday night and it is enough for lunch tomorrow also.  So good! A (2!) baked potato with brisket, cheese, sour cream, bbq sauce and green onions. My sides were sweet potato casserole and corn. (That is tomatoes in the corn!). I also had a monster cookie for dessert.  This place has amazing desserts as well.


I am very pleased with my progress so far.  One day at a time!

Your turn:

How do you accommodate for “life” when training for a race? I know when it starts getting closer, “life” can’t get in the way. I know I should just adjust my training schedule but I don’t feel like I have room for that.  Am I being too hard on myself?