Life Update

HOW in the heck has it been SEVEN weeks since I updated this little corner of mine??  Usually, when I have an extended absence like that, it means I have reverted to some bad habits.  I am so happy to report that quite the opposite is true this time.  I have been chugging right along with my healthy habits, building my coaching business and visiting California! I even had an amazing A-Ha! moment today.

On Fridays, I normally get off early-is, treat myself to lunch and waste my day. Today, I’m hanging around in town because I’m meeting some girlfriends for happy hour (even though I don’t drink!).  Yesterday, I was planning my food for the day and decided Chick-Fil-A was what I wanted.  I haven’t had that in MONTHS and I thought it would be a good idea.  Their fries and sauce are the bomb, amiright? Anyway, I got it all plugged last night and it was settled.

Well, as I was working today and anticipating the clock striking 11 so I could hit the door, I began thinking about lunch.  What I found extremely odd was the the lunch I had planned didn’t sound appetizing at all! Not even close.  I sounded greasy and heavy and like I would feel like poo after I ate it.  That, my friends, is the greatest non-scale victory of all.  Not that my pants are so loose that I can pull them down without unzipping/unbuttoning them, not the fact that I can SEE my arms shrinking (although that makes me pretty freakin happy!) but the fact that I don’t WANT to eat unhealthy thinks and I realize this BEFORE I make the mistake of eating them. So awesome I tell ya!

So, I have never been to First Watch, so I looked their menu up online and it looked good.  REALLY good.  The macros were decent, the ingredients are fresh and the service was very pleasant! I enjoyed the Everything Smoked Salmon Benedict.  JUST what I needed to take me back to Cali!

FASTer Way to Fat Loss, goals, non-scale victory, First Watch, eggs Benedict, smoked salmon, mixed greens

Everything Smoked Salmon Benedict

I haven’t taken any measurements in a while but I plan to at the end of this month.  July is the first month I joined the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® (coach link) VIP group and I am loving it.  It is a challenge to complete the workouts but Man! When I am able to complete them and feel improvement, that is going to be a GOOD day!

I am happy to have caught you up with this short life update.  Please let me know in the comments: do you PREFER to eat healthy or do you just do it because you HAVE to? Also, have you ever eaten at First Watch?

Weekend Plans

So. I took a selfie for insta today and realized a few things about me.
My hair.  It is awful! I am growing it out from this trendy do I had to have that looked great on everyone I saw it on. Except me.  And it don’t mean it didn’t  “look good” on me.  What I mean is I didn’t feel good in it.  I received compliments on it constantly.  I just didn’t love how I felt with it.  I am a girl and I like hair.  Does that make sense? I feel like my hair makes me more feminine or something.  I don’t know really, that is just the way it is for me.
I think it is time for botox.
Next, I have vacationitis.  When I get off of work at 1030AM Friday morning, I will be OUT until 06/04/18! It has been a very long time since I had a solid week for FUN.  All of my vacation for more than a long weekend has been due to surgery or illness here lately.
Friday, I have a hair appointment to kick off the festivities.  As soon as that is done (gotta color my grays, yo!), a girlfriend and I will be hitting the road.  We are shutting ourselves in a hotel room with good wi-fi to knock out some work on our side-hustles. Ya know how that stuff is important, but time gets away? You always have dinner to cook, house to clean, the 9-5 that you CAN’T skimp on and there is always something that is going to be left behind.  Well, we are going to take care of that problem this weekend.   I think if I can knock out all of the things that I’ve been putting off and create a good schedule for myself, I can get a handle on it.  It is FUN stuff, there just aren’t enough hours in a day! If I am home, there WILL be something more important or a million distractions! We are also going to hit the hotel gym and that excites me (I don’t even know who I am anymore!!). I’ve never been more excited for a “working weekend”!
Kevin is on call this weekend but that ends Monday morning then he is officially on vacation as well! We are traveling to Biloxi and going to live it up! We plan to lay by the pool, maybe catch a baseball game, have a fancy schmancy dinner, and if we are lucky, one of the pennies we put in a slot will turn us into millionaires! That is how it works, right?  Because we do NOT put more than a few $$ in them money suckers!
Let’s talk about the FASTer Way for a second.  I am so in love with this program, my only regret is I didn’t find it 30 years ago! I do have to wonder, however, is this like a great husband (I’m looking at you, Kevin!), if I HAD found it 30 years ago, would it have worked for me then? Would I have been ready? At any rate, I have it now and I love it.  I am in my 2nd 6 week round and am NOT looking back! I stressed my pretty little head just about off over this vacation next week until one minute it just dawned on me.  Make a plan, dummy! So I did.  On days I KNOW I can control, I have a meal plan in place.  Yes, this does include Chipotle.  2 days.  Because if I can why shouldn’t I??? On the questionable days (Thursday we will be going to the buffet with my father in law and Friday when we have a super fancy dinner with a bread basket that I WILL enjoy), I have a semi plan in place.  I am sure I will go over my macros and that is ok.  It is vacation and one meal will NOT break my plan.  That is one of the many great things about this lifestyle.  We are going to hit the hotel gym (again, I’m excited and this befuddles me!) every morning so that is within my control. On the way home Saturday, we are stopping at Costco and Trader Joes to get our weekly groceries and beginning with dinner Saturday night, it is right back to it! Also, all of this is written out in my day planner to keep me on track!
How do you handle vacation.  Are you a complete planner, semi planner or all willy-nilly?

Meetaversary Weekend

Hidey Ho neighbor! Hows it goin? I tell ya, there are not enough hours in a week! I have so much on my to-do list, including this little ol’ bloggity, but I constantly run out of time! If I didn’t have to sleep, I could get so much more done!

This past weekend, Kevin and I celebrated our 16th meetaversary! We celebrate every single thing we can think of, as a matter of fact.  All within a couple of weeks of each other we have my birthday, our wedding anniversary and the anniversary of the day we met.  That is the day we met face to face.  We had actually talked on the phone for a couple of weeks prior but I don’t have the exact date of that first phone call or we would celebrate that also!

Anyway, it just so happened that we had tickets to a concert on that very day. We both took the day off. As a plumber, he often gets hung up on calls even if he tries to get off early and it usually doesn’t work out.  So, if there are any times that him being off is non-negotiable, he normally has to request the entire day.  So we sacrificed.  ha! We relaxed around the house for a bit and then made our way.  We stopped for dinner at Zoes. Many, this place just gets better and better.  I had shrimp kabobs with turmeric rice, roasted veggies and fruit.  Kevin had a power grain bowl. We were not disappointed!

Once we were finished eating, we made our way to the St Augustine Amphitheatre for the concert.  I had never been to this venue before so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  It ended up being pretty amazing.  It isn’t large so no matter where you sit, your view is amazing. The sun was setting to our left so it wasn’t unbearable hot or blinding. We were there a bit early so we had time to make our way to our seats with no rush.

The first to take the stage was Midland.  We saw them in December and they were good.  I feel like they were a bit better in December but that could have just been me.  I was quite entertained to see 2 of them barefooted! What? yep. Whatevs!

Taking the stage next was Kacey Musgraves.  I knew a couple of her songs so I wasn’t looking for anything either way.  She gained a new fan! That girls stage presence was crazy! Her band , backdrop and her outfit were all coordinated and it was beautiful! I felt like I was at a fancy-schmancy stage show in the ’70s!

After that, the ones we came to see came out.  Little Big Town was the headliner. When I got the tickets, I was mainly excited to see Midland again and to visit the amphitheatre. Well, when they came out singing Kevin said he heard me say “WHOA!”. It was definitely a moment.  They sound good on the radio but in person, it was like nothing I’d ever heard before! their harmony was hair raising! I am not exaggerating. The hair on my arms literally raised! If ever you get the chance to see them, do it! You will NOT be disappointed.  Unless you don’t like country music and then, well, you might be a tad sad.

Saturday, I planned to go have lunch, see a movie and get groceries.  On the way into town (it is about a 45 minute drive) there ended up being a horrific accident on the interstate and we sat in one spot for over an hour. I didn’t have time for a movie at that point so I went straight for lunch. Chipotle, of course.  I ran into TJ Maxx and then to Krispy Kreme because, SATURDAY TREAT! and then my last planned stop was Trader Joes. While in TJ Maxx, I became very ill.  To the point I wondered if Chipotle had given me tainted lettuce. It only lasted until in the evening so I think the lettuce was fine, but I never made it for groceries.



(now I’ve just made myself crave chipotle again!)

Fortunately, my kid was up for a ride Sunday.  We had a redo of my Saturday and went to lunch, a movie, TJ Maxx, World Market and Trader Joes.

We saw Ready Player One.  It wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. My brain kept trying to make it a movie where they needed him to save the world from an asteroid or something.  Not it at all but still very very good, IMO. After the movie, we had lunch at Panera.  My go to there is the U Pick 2 with Roasted Turkey and Avocado and the Asian Sesame Salad with Chicken, Apple for a side and I actually had enough macros that I also enjoyed a bag of chips.

Sunday ended up being a really great day.  It was beautiful and we were able to take the windows out of the Jeep.

I came home and mentally prepared for a great week! So far, it is working!

How is your week going?

Birthday Celebration

My birthday this year was low-key.  We have been traveling and incredible amount. We’ve gone to Tampa for Kenny Chesney, Disney, we have a trip to Biloxi coming up among others. We also had gone shoe shopping for sneakers on our last Disney trip. That is what I wanted for a present for my birthday.  Wish granted! I got 3 pair!

(I have a beautiful picture of my beautiful shoes but the stupid thing won’t upload!! 😦  Until then, believe I got an awesome pair of pink Chucks, a solid black pair of Nikes and a solid WHITE pair of Asics [my fave shoes ever!])

On the day of my birthday, I was surprised at work with a beautifully decorated desk! I had balloons, streamers, ALL the Reeses, Peterbrooke and a card with money and a gift card.


Later that night, Ian, Japer and I went to a Jumbo Shrimp game. Fun times! The next day, I had a run that was tortuous (because of said jumbo shrimp game!) and I was certain that I would be doing nothing else the rest of the day.  I did forget that I had to go pick up my Never Quit packet because I thought that was the last time I would be able to. (spoiler alert, I could have gone later in the week!) Anyway, my mom and Jasper went with me to get my packet so we went to eat hibachi. I had all of my macros planned out to a T. It was so hot in there, I barely ate anything.  It was unbearable. I was feeling nauseated by the time we left. The moment Jasper looked at me and said “Aunkie! I feel like I’m dreaming. Am I really here?” made it all worthwhile. Hibachi is his favorite ever! Since I hadn’t been able to eat anything, I still had plenty of macros left so we spent a bit of time at Krisy Kreme. Oh the sacrifices! haha.  I enjoyed a sour cream donut and a chocolate milk.  It hit the spot, I tell ya. Apparently, I didn’t think too highly of my dinner because there isn’t a single picture to be found!

Do you prefer a low-key celebration or do you go all out?

Kenny Chesney FAIL

Good Sunday afternoon! I have so many things I want to talk about, my “To Blog” list is growing and growing… I’m beginning my catch up… NOW!

Let’s talk about last weekend.  I talked in my last post about the Never Quit 5K we did on Saturday morning.  After that was over, we took our freezing wet behinds straight to the car to begin what should have been a 4 hour drive to Tampa for the Kenny Chesney concert. I hadn’t seen him since 2002 and got the tickets they DAY (minute!) they went on sale. I was so excited!

I don’t think I mentioned in my precious post of the race recap but I had a hunger like I have never known before from the time my eyes opened.  Usually, if I drink 32oz of water in the morning, that quenches any “feelings” I have and I am good to go.  Not the case on this day.  All through the race, I was insanely hungry.

Once we were done and in the car headed towards Tampa, we made it as far as St Augustine and I was on the verge of starvation. It was only 10 or so… I normally don’t break my fast until noon.  I had my food for the entire weekend planned out in order to stay on track but it was clear that wasn’t going to happen.  I ended up breaking my fast early and had a sausage egg and cheese McGriddle with a hash brown from McDonalds. Then we stopped at Dunkin Donuts for coffee and a donut.  Because why not?! I’d already “ruined the day” right?

Once we hit the outskirts of Tampa, we hit traffic like I’ve never seen. For no good reason what so ever. Our 4 hour journey turned into 5 1/2 hours. We did have time for a nap once we got there but alas, we had to rush to get dressed and fortunately, I had packed a quest bar so I downed that while we were waiting on our Lyft.  We arrived at the concert and found our seats.  Apparently, being the non-thinking person I am, I bought tickets on the east side of the stadium facing an agonizingly hot west setting sun.  At one point, I had sweat literally dripping off of my nose. It wasn’t pretty y’all! That is when I realized winter had FINALLY left the building. Also, the ticket said the concert started at 5.  Kenny Chesney didn’t take the stage until 9PM.  Yep.  Now that isn’t to say that Thomas Rhett and Old Dominion weren’t good.  They were.  That was just a LONG TIME to be in one spot with a full 2 1/2 hours of that intense sun.

At one point, we decided we were hungry, so Kevin left to go find snacks.  I opted for a soft pretzel. It was hardest, stalest pretzel in creation.  I ate about 1/2 and gave up.  Bear in mind, I am not a picky person.  I love food and will eat most anything.  This pretzel was horrible! By the time Kenny Chesney hit the stage, I was ready.

When tickets for this concert are purchased, his people send a CD set.  Imagine my disappointment upon figuring out the concert was that CD set.  Word for word.  I was devastated.  All of the “I do this for YOU! Right here, this crowd” is probably said at every show he puts on.  While I am sure it is true, at least make it sound like an original thought, not a rehearsed script, ya know? While singing “Old Blue Chair”, when he gets to the “I woke up to 100 mosquito bites, I swear, TRUE STORY”… well, after hearing that day after day in my car, I KNOW it’s a true story! Basically, I could have saved the $300 I spent for tickets and another $300 for a room and listened to the freakin CD in my car and NOT had to put up with drunks all night. Sad to say, that is probably my last Kenny Chesney concert.  I feel devastated.  Like everything I thought I knew about him is a lie.  Dramatic, maybe. But is it REALLY for that crowd in front of him right then or is it for the money so he just opens a can and pours out the same menu time after time?

Ugh! Anyway, leaving the concert, we went to the corner our Lyft driver told us pickups would be at and dispatched a ride, only to discover the police weren’t allowing drivers to pick up there but on the other corner. Across 4 very busy lanes of traffic.

I was yelled at by the police for trying to cross the road (no traffic was coming and the light was RED) and we were cancelled by 3 different Lyft drivers.  Finally, the 4th driver dinged that he was on his way so I called and BEGGED him not to cancel on us.  When all was said and done, we had stood on that corner from 10:51PM until 12:25AM. We were exhausted, ant bitten and Kevin was starving by the time we got back to our room.  Naturally, there was no food to be had.  He found some Doritos and a Twix bar.  All I wanted was ALLLL the water.

I woke up a bit before Kevin so I decide to remove all of the food I had planned to eat but didn’t and input everything I did eat to see just how bad my macros were.  I discovered they weren’t that bad at all.  I was a bit high on fat and carbs and a bit short on protein, but overall, a pretty good day! Now, I am not saying it is OK to go out everyday and eat McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts and NOT plan your meals at all, that is just foolhardy.  I am saying that if you think you’ve “ruined the day” check.  Maybe you didn’t.  And if you did? enjoy it and move on! A ruined day does not a ruined health journey make!


We had planned to hit the gym and swing by Epcot on our way home but after our adventurous night, decided a Chipotle lunch and Costco trip was just what the doctor ordered. Fortunately, our journey home was much more calm than our trip there.

Have you ever had a very disappointing concert experience?

5ks and addictions

Let us talk about my most recent 5k.  And my newest addiction to them.  I seriously can’t get enough.  I can’t believe I am so late to this party!

Kevin and I participated in the Never Quit Never this past Saturday. It was like no other for me.  A first but certainly not a last of its kind!

To begin, we stayed closer to the start Friday night because of my miserable experience with participating in a race the week prior on so little sleep. The night before, we went to Flame Broilers for dinner.  I had never been there and was pleasantly surprised.  Here is what was left of my bowl:


After eating, we went to our hotel and crashed hard to prepare for a 4AM wake up.  Before going to sleep, I was messaging back and forth with a friend who had done this race before and she mentioned they would arrive between 630 and 7.  We we told we would need to park prior to 6AM or risk walking miles to the start line.  I started second guessing our early wake up but decided to not to chance it. I am so happy I listened to my gut.  We arrived about 530AM and was able to park fairly close but cars were pouring into the area.  I am certain had we not arrived so early we would have been parking far away.

Side Note: At one point, a person came up to the car parked beside us and apparently being a friend, jumped into their backseat.  In the process, he SLAMMED the rear door into our car.  It was hard enough to rock our car.  Their windows were down so I know he saw me get out and inspect the huge dent and chipped paint in our door.  Do you think he even bothered to apologize? Nope.  Never even acknowledged that it had happened.  That was irritating.  Our car isn’t new and it does have dings but it looks pretty good for its age (and it’s paid for!!). It wasn’t worth reporting to the police or insurance but I would have loved an apology, ya know? Anyway, quick karma, after the race, they came back to their car shortly after us and they had to ask us to move so they could be jumped off as their battery was dead.  Take THAT your mean door slammer!

So back to the race… it was raining.  and cool.  We kept thinking it was going to stop but it never did! We got out of the car to head to visit the porta potties and head to the start line.  We were soaked before we ever made it to the potties! Once on the beach, the energy and emotion was insane!

We sang the National Anthem, someone played Taps, there were some WWII veterans there, it was pretty amazing.

Then we were off.

This race was an out and back so we were able to cheer on those faster than us as they came back by.  That was an awesome feeling.  There were firefighters, military personnel and police in full uniform running.  There were those on walkers and even a marine with ALS.

And then we crossed the finish line.

I don’t yet understand chip vs gun vs my own Garmin time.  According to my time, I had another PR by about 20 seconds, according to chip time, I was about a minute 15 seconds slower.  Either way I am thrilled with my time.  I was really scared of this race because uneven surfaces are torture on my knee so I was certain I would be super slow (ha! I mean way slower than I am already) but this was actually the most comfortable race I’ve done yet. It truly amazed me how I felt during and after.

I am going to begin the Couch to 5K program to incorporate more actual running into my 5Ks. As of right now, I am mostly walking them although I did run across the finish line in this race. Hopefully, this will also increase my speed and distance. I had planned to begin training for a 10k this week but after thinking about it, I think I’d rather increase speed before adding more distance.

What is your opinion on distance vs speed training? Which is better to do first? Also, do you have any idea how I can understand why there is such a difference in my time vs chip?


Cupcake Run 5K

So.  I completed another 5K. And my FIRST round of FASTer Way to Fat Loss. FIRST is emphasized because there will be more.  The next round begins April 23rd.

First, lets talk about this race. Oh dear lord. I don’t know what I was thinking but it was the perfect storm of BAD.

First of all, Friday I didn’t hydrate well, Nutrition wasn’t bad but wasn’t as good as it could have been. I went to a baseball game with my son and nephew and stayed out WAY too late. So going into this thing, I was dehydrated and exhausted.  And I could feel it. I woke up late *hit snooze too many times* and was running (walking briskly) to the start line while trying to pin my bib. This is not something I ever want to let happen again if I can help it.  I’m going to chalk it up to a learning experience.

My legs felt like they had lead weights in them. I have never felt such before.  The further we walked, the madder I got.  Not at anyone other than myself.  Because I let myself not drink enough water and stay up way too late. At the same time, I am amazed at myself.  Giving up was never an option.  Again. Brandi kept asking if I wanted to stop. It never crossed my mind. I didn’t know HOW I would cross the finish line, on a stretcher, on my feet, on my knees… I just knew I WOULD cross it.  And cross it I did.  With a nice PR also! My first 5k was 1:02.49 by my tracker, chip time was 1:08.01.  The cupcake run was 1:01.05 by my tracker and 1:00.58 by the chip.  WHAT? yep.  I KILLT it! It was ugly, but I did it. to say I am happy would be an understatement. I was not last and I did not have a police escort.

After I crossed the finish line, I found the nearest shady spot and fell out.  That was the most comfortable wet grass I have ever laid on! Brandi had gone to get her cupcake.  I passed.  I just can’t take anything in during or for a while after.  I do make sure to drink 32oz of water on the way to the race, however. I am planning on training for a 10k beginning next week so I know I’m going to have to also train to take in water/fuel soon but I’m dreading that worse than upping my mileage/speed work! Wow, I got off on a fueling tangent there.  What I was meaning to say is that I was still feeling rough so I told Brandi good-bye and headed out, only to realize I didn’t have my keys. I had hung them over my pants and stuck my chapstick in the other side.  I felt everywhere.  All down the legs of my leggings. Nothing.  I went back where I was laying under a tree, still nothing. I found a race volunteer and asked their opinion.  They found someone in charge and basically told me too bad, so sad.  I could walk the course again to find them if I wanted to.  Um, no. Remember, this was only my 2nd 5K and it was a hot mess. She did tell me that the course was open to cars by then so I asked Brandi if she would mind driving me around the course to see if we could find them.  Being the greatest, she said of course not! as we were saying goodbye to her other friends, I rubbed my waist and BAM! there were my keys.  I had hung them on the FRONT of my pants, not the back. This is a very valuable lesson and I will do NO MORE races without my spibelt! I also bought a hat this weekend that has a key pocket in it!


Speaking of nutrition, I am loving FWTFL! This is an off week, my last round ended Sunday and our new round begins Monday. I am staying on plan so-so, just not very strictly.  Maybe 80/20? This is definitely a plan I can live with.  I was on plan at Disney for goodness sake! Not extras (I did have a protein shake packed, just in case, but ended up not needing it).

This next round, I want to hone in my exercise goals and train for a 10K, while improving my speed. I would also like to work on having more whole foods and be a lot better about pre-planning and meal prep.  I need to be less lazy! For me, not preplanning or meal prepping is certain failure.  Although I do have a few meals I can grab now that are OK to have. I just think I’d see better results if I make these small changes. Although, the results from my first round were amazing! I lost 22.5 inches in total. WHAT? Yep.  Pretty good, if I do say so myself! I haven’t kept track of weight loss. But who needs pounds with inches like that?

So, plan for next week.  Speed and distance work, better meal planning and prep and a blogging schedule! I have GOT to get my life together!

How would you tackle and of the above? Suggestions?

Early Morning Selfies, Food and Gym

I have had in my head so many things I wanted to say.  Now, as I sit here to write, I can’t think of a single one of them.  Usually, I take notes on my phone then can refer back.  This time I didn’t.  Big mistake.  HUGE.


6AM selfie

I have been up since 4:09 AM so that could have something to do with my brain not working,.  My dad is having a heart cath today so we had to be at the hospital at 630AM.  Living in the country is the until you have to be somewhere that early and it takes you an hour to get there.

I am still rocking the FASTer Way to Fat Loss. Every day I am so grateful for having made this change.  For the first time in my life, I am not constantly thinking about food.  I meal plan weekly, at night before I go to bed, I plan in My Fitness Pal my meals for the following day and that is that.  When I am ready to eat, I look in my app, prepare what I planned and eat.  It is over until the next time I’m ready to eat.


I had not done any exercise at all in about 2 weeks. This week, I made a plan, recorded it in my calendar and it is happening so far.  Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday are gym days for lifting, Tuesday and Thursday are outside cardio days and Sunday is active rest. Again, I made the plan, put it in my app and don’t think about it again. It just is.  I’m not sure what has changed in my to cause this shift, but I LOVE it!


I am sure as soon as I close this post out, I’ll remember every single thing I wanted to say.  I’ll take notes this time.

Have a happy Thursday!

Learning As I Go… Still…

***Edited to add: I wrote this post last week and failed to post it.  I still wanted to log it for my reference and maybe a learning tool for you? I am LOVING the FASTer Way To Fat Loss***
I have been practicing intermittent fasting and carb cycling for 9 days. I know this is not long at all and as much as I have failed in the past to follow through on plans, there is no reason at all for myself or anyone else to believe that this plan will be any different.
Let me explain to you why I think this plan WILL be different.  Or, rather, why I think I will treat this plan different from in the past.
I am learning so much about myself lately.  Specifically, I CAN do hard things! Pain will not KILL me! Going a day without consuming junk will not make me STARVE TO DEATH!
I was very meticulous about what I consumed Monday-Saturday.  I didn’t hit my macros perfectly some of those days, mostly due to the fact that I am just learning this practice and had some information mixed up (net carbs = carbs-fiber, NOT FAT!), track what you plan to consume PRIOR to consuming it, that way, if it does NOT fit your macros, you can simply change your meal! Jelly beans are a trigger food, so, even if they DO fit your macros, DON’T EAT THEM!
Now, let’s talk about Sunday. I did not plan well for this day and it ate me alive. I did have a healthy meal planned to cook, however, we woke up and adulted hard.  We went to buy a new-to-us lawnmower (Dave Ramsey, y’all!) and that fell right smack dab in the middle of when I was supposed to break my fast.  This is fine, no problem.  We scouted out a Chipotle and had lunch.  Except, I had guac on my burrito bowl.  The fats in my bowl put me well over my normal daily limit, not to mention this was a low macro day so I was WAY over.  This could have been my downfall for the remainder of the day but I don’t really feel like it was.  My mind was still focused in a CRAP sort of way.  I was still determined to hit the rest of my macro goals.
We then went home, unloaded the lawnmower, returned my dad’s truck and went by the hardware store to pick up a couple of things we needed.  I’m not sure what happened while we were in there but I NEEDED a snack. I wasn’t hungry.  It may have been habit? This store has fresh popped popcorn so it may have been the aroma? No idea.  Anyway, I shopped and found a snack that “fit my macros”.  Jelly Bellies it was! And they were good!! I ate a portion and stopped, even though I could have devoured the entire tiny bag. At this point, I still thought I was fine.
We finished mowing the grass and decided to go to a movie.  I was tired and did not feel like cooking. Instead of choosing a place where I could have made a better choice, we went to Five Guys.  I had a bacon cheeseburger, fries and a diet coke.  And then we went to Walgreens and got candy for the movies.  It was 4/4.  So we got 2 each.  And I ate them.  Both.  Yep.  Sure did.  Wasn’t hungry.
I have already said that this is a brain game for me.  So, did going over my fats when I broke my fast trigger my downfall or was it the Jelly Bellies? No idea! Either way, I have learned some important lessons.  Leave the sugar alone and ALWAYS record my food BEFORE I eat it!
I am pleased to report, Monday, I got up and got right back on the wagon and SLAYED Monday! I hit my macros like a CHAMP! And it enjoyed my coffee this morning with stevia.  This is a major win all by itself!
I can’t recommend this practice enough.  If you have had ANY issues at all getting on and sticking to a plan, please research this one and give it a try.  You will not be sorry.  The moral support, the expertise, the ones who have struggled and won and the ones who are struggling right along with me now, it is all a part of the journey and I couldn’t be happier to have finally given in to my curiosity and joined!
***This is an affiliate link. Meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and join.
Please let me know if you do decide to join. I’d love to ask that we be in the same group so we can support one another!

5k Recap

I have wanted to write this post for about 4 days now but… life!

So, I completed my first ever 5k this past weekend.  Wow the emotions involved!

On Thursday, Ian went for a walk with me and we did 1.36 very painful miles.

The pain was on the outsides of my legs running from my ankles to my knee.  My thoughts are my shoes need to be replaced, I’m just that out of shape, I’ll never be able to walk/run any length of time/distance because I’ve treated my body so badly for so many years.

I also held a hope in the back of my mind that the race would be cancelled and I wouldn’t have to DNF or just plain not show up.

I kept pretending like I was not nervous or terrified and simply excited.  I kept pretending like I was just doing everything I needed to do to be ready to rock my first 5k.  I went to work Friday, got off and went to pick up my packet.  I texted a picture of the t-shirt to my friend I was walking with because it was so cute and she wasn’t picking up her packet until Saturday morning.

I went home and relaxed, had come “carbs” (or just an excuse to have waffles for dinner!), Ian taped my knee to see if that helped at all. I didn’t bother going to bed early, even though I had a 5AM alarm set. I didn’t need to prepare for what wasn’t going to happen, right?

I woke up Saturday morning at about 4AM, not knowing it was 4AM.  I was thinking I had either missed my alarm or it would go off at any moment.  I kept laying there and waiting… I finally looked at the clock and it was about 420AM. I never went back to sleep.  I finally got up, got ready and fixed a water bottle and a BCAA water bottle for after the race I wasn’t going to do.

All the way there, I told myself how proud I was for getting up and going, even if it was for nothing but cheering my friend on.

I got there, parked and sat in the car for a bit posting instastories about the first 5k I registered for being a DNS and if this one was a DNF, I was still improving, right? After all, I can only walk less than a mile with no severe pain, right?

Met up with my friend and acted excited and not scared. And then everyone started moving. I was off to start my first ever 5k.

We walked and walked and walked.  Brandi did such a great job of carrying on a conversation and distracting me.

We went across a parking lot, behind some buildings, alllll along the back, down in front of Target, but up past the start/finish line, basically just a giant figure 8 around the St Johns Town Center.  We walked and chatted.  We had a police escort because we had been passed by everyone.

There were still people right in front of us so they hadn’t passed us THAT bad.  I finally decided to look at my phone and see how far we had been so I’d know how much further I’d be able to go before throwing in the towel.

I will never forget the moment when I looked at my phone and had been 1.63 miles and I was still strolling along like it was a walk in the park.  In that moment, I realized I was going to complete my first 5k.  THAT moment was more powerful than even crossing the finish line.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you it wasn’t hard.  My foot went number right on queue around mile 1. By the time I finished the race, I could feel it again.  Really not sure what is up with that. New shoes? Out of shape? Something more sinister? No idea.

I barely remember crossing the finish line.  Side note, we weren’t last.  We passed someone else before finishing. I was just kinda there but not. I remember Brandi tugging my arm to come get my medal but I was in complete and total disbelief that I was where I was.  It was an amazing feeling and all I could think about was when I could do another.

They did pass out ice cream afterwards (it was presented by Kilwins Ice Cream!) but I couldn’t eat any. I have discovered I am very much a fasted cardio person and I can’t take anything in for some time after I’m done.

We sat for a bit and Brandi enjoyed her treat. When we stood back up, the pain set in! Ohhh my knee! It was screaming loud! That was the best pain I ever did feel!

When I looked at my phone, I had finished in 1:02:49 and had negative splits the entire way. Official chip time was 1:08:01.  Either way, I finished!

We had planned to go to brunch but neither of us ever gained an appetite.  I wound up just going straight to my mom’s.  No one was at home at my house and I needed to show that bling to someone! When I got there, she made me some scrambled eggs and bacon and it was GOOD.  I still didn’t have an appetite but it was getting late and I knew I needed to get something in me.

We ending up taking my nephew to a movie and to eat Mexican beforehand.  I did enjoy some fajitas and a sopapilla.  By the time we got there, I felt like I could eat a truck!

During the movie, I didn’t have any snacks but I was prepared with almonds and an RX bar.  I did keep my water bottle with me though.  I fell asleep a couple of times but my nephew didn’t let that last! Haha.

After the movie, we came right home.  I was about toast.  I had been up since 4AM after all.  It is hard work trying to convince yourself you can’t do something!

Do you remember finishing your first race?

What was a better feeling, realizing you were going to finish or actually finishing?